Best Bridal Makeup n Looks


When it comes to weddings applying makeup is one tough job. The reason is you are used to a limited kind of look that you thinks works on you. Many brides on this special day want to have a different look, that will match their weddings theme or even her bridal style. So where do you start when getting a perfect makeup experience?

There are multiple ways to go about this issue, one you must know precisely what you want and what will never work for you. You must know your skin tone and hair colour. It is wise to ask around to get recommendations. Below are 4 of our BEST BRIDAL MAKEUP LOOKS for brunettes that will inspire you and make you stand out in your own. Be sure you will be the center of attraction.

1. Natural smokey eyes with red lips


It takes some few steps to pull this kind of look. You might need a professional make up artist to give you the perfect results. Here is how you can do it.

• Prime your eyes

Nothing is more irritating than your smoky eye makeup going bad. To avoid these first apply some primer on your eyelids and below your eyes to make sure the makeup won't be ruined

• Apply on concealer

If you are looking for an overall smoked up look, this is the way. It helps you hide dark spots on your eyelids

• Powder below the eyes

Use a soft brush to apply a translucent powered. Note that the powder should be of the same color as your skin tone. After you are done with this process swiftly wipe the loose powder off with a dry tissue to give you a flawless look.

• Apply dark shadow

Choose the darkest shadow from your set and apply it on your eyelashes using a small brush. If you don't like the black shadow, you have multiple color shades to choose from like the grey navy shimmery brown, forest green, or plum. All these color shades will bring out the smokey eye look

• wipe out extra eye shadow

Using a Q-tip brush lightly wipe out the extra makeup on your eyelashes. Your eye should not have harsh lines

• Outline your eyes

• Using a black waterproof eye pencil, draw a seamless line on top and below the lashes. Make sure you are cautious, and you don't draw on your skin.

• Use a highlighter pen

Throughout the above steps, we have used dark colors, on this step its time to brighten your face. Use a shimmery highlighter on your brow bone and corners of the eyes known as the “v” corner. If you have a medium skin tone, try using a pearl hue highlighter, if you are darker a champagne shade will be a perfect blend.

• Trim up lashes

You must have an eyelash curler, to gently trim down the base of the lashes. Do not use a pair of scissors. They will give you an uneven lash.

• Use mascara

Use a mascara that is packed in a tube. This will help you control the amount of mascara to load on the brush. There are no smoky eyes without mascara, it helps you have long, thick lashes.

2. Pop of lip color for brown hair and hazel eyes


Often brunettes don't merge well with pale pink lipstick. This kind of ladies should always consider bright colors. A touch of spicy red lipstick on ladies with dark brown hair will always work our bringing an attractive look. Other color shades suitable for brunettes lips are like Coral and peach shades. This shades will make the hazel eyes stand out more. You can use a rich brown eyeliner, purple or eggplant shade.

3. sweeping cat eyeliner


Applying this look makes you have a dramatic and glamorous look. At the same time, it makes you still maintain a classic yet trendy look. The way to have these is by starting by drawing an outline from your eye toward the outside using a nude shade. Use a pen to find the endpoint by making an angle from your nose towards your outer brow. Then mark the endpoint using a small dot know where your wings will end. Using your eyeliner trace carefully a line from the dot to the middle of the upper lash. Fill out below the line you have just drawn finally correct the mistakes made by using cotton.

4. nude lips and a natural makeup look


This is a very tricky move to achieve, it requires vast knowledge to pull the natural look. First, your skin needs to be perfectly cleaned and moisturized to make your skin radiant. You must use a lightweight moisturizer that will protect your skin from the sun. Apply primer to prepare your skin for makeup. It also reduces the appearance of pores and blemishes. Now find the correct foundation and concealer that merges with your skin tone. Finally apply blush, which gives you a natural look, but be careful, many ladies don't take caution when choosing the right skin tone.

Always keep in mind cheap products will cost you a lot at the end. For the love of your skin, it is only wise to pay more and have healthy skin throughout your life. A beautiful lady is a happy lady.

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