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As an online website user, you may have more than one password to let yourself log in. Making an online password is quite easy if you have some alphabets to set and make it as your password. Several websites allow you to make an arrangement of password which is not only consisting of alphabets but also numbers, letters, signs, and special characters. Some people use similar password to make themselves easier to memorize it. But, did you know that having similar password for several website is not recommended for the sake of security?

Paying attention to that problem, it is important for you to make different or random password for each website you have been entered. Turning it into a note is an easy way to make yourself remembering it. On the other hand, in this modern era, there are several best password managers that offer you a facility to keep your password safe. This application helps you to store your random password along your digital life like: social media, email, etc.

Best password manager helps you to store all of your important data and password.  Once you need the username and password to the website, you open and log in into the manager, it will automatically served the username and password needed. Your information will be kept on the hard drive. Meanwhile, other password managers will upload your detail information, and you can access via internet-connected device when you need it.

There are several types of best password manager that will store and keep your password. The types of facilities are free and premium that you can use. Free facility is still recommended because it has already served you the best. But, if you need more complete facilities, you can choose the premium. After reading, you will know the simple explanation of password manager  recommendations.

Below is list of recommendations of best password manager for your need:

1. 1Password


This application is designed specially for Mac and iOS users for these last several years. The Apple platform is equal to its Windows and Android application for the sake of features. It is availablele for Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera and Edge. Fortunately, you can enter the password with quick keystroke. Comparing to the LastPass, 1Password’s interface is better than LastPass. When you are trying to browse by using your vault, it will be more efficient.

For premium facility, you have to cost $36 per year. One-time purchase provides the facility to sync everything locally between computers by using iCloud, Dropbox or another convenient method. You can also use the facility for free. But it is limited to syncing options that available through one-time purchase. You do not need to worry because you can still choose this application for your best password manager.

Those several examples or recommendations of best password manager can help you to protect your online and important information. Recently, using the facility of internet is a easiness that we can get. On the other hand, as a smart user, you have to think about the bad side or unpredicted thing that might be happen when you use it. This step can be your choice and hopefully there will be no problem with forget password or unopened account. Because these applications serve their best facilities to make your life easier.

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2. Dashlane


Similar with LastPass, DashLane is simple. It is a superb password manager for all websites and devices. The best point of this application is that the size of memory footprint will get smaller when it gets update. Moreover, it stores the passwords with emergency contacts when you have trouble with your account. You also can set the application to automatically reset password when the site is being hacked without navigating from the interface.

This application also offers free and premium facility for your best password manager. For free facility, you can get the core password manager, autofill and digital wallet features. But, it only works on one device and it just supports to 50 entries. Meanwhile, the premium version provides unlimited sharing and syncing and it costs $39 (about £30, AU$50) per year. Other facilities that you can get are world-class security, ability to store notes for future reference, one-click password generation.

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3. LastPass


This application provides two types; free and premium. Free facility provides free credit monitoring, secure storage for text notes, an auto-fill feature authentication and multiple identities. Meanwhile, premium facility helps you to keep important information, secure cloud storage for files, ability to set up a contingency plan and advanced multi-factor authentication.
The main function of this application is to import all saved login important information such as username and password that you have been used in Safari, Firefox, Chrome and Edge. It helps to clean information from your computer for the sake of security. Both facilities have hardware authentication for Windows, Mac, android and iOS. They can be your reason to choose this application as best password manager.

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4. Sticky Password


Sticky Password offers two types of facilities; free and premium. The difference is on the complete facilities that you can get if you choose the premium edition. You just need to pay for $29.99 or £19.99 (about AU$40) per year. The premium facility provides strong password generation, very intuitive navigation and a wide variety of browsers such as outliers like Pale Moon, Yandex and SeaMonkey. it also protects sensitive data when you are in wireless connection. When you are registering to new online account, those two facilities (free and premium) provide a generator that can create secure log in.
You do not need to worry about the quality of its security, because it is a part of AVG Antivirus creation. This application pays attention to the comfort of users, it provides several languages such as English, German, French, Japanese, Dutch, Spanish, Polish, Ukrainian. This application provides browser extension that match for Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Internet Explorer. It works on PC, Mac, Android and iOS that completes with fingerprint authentication on mobile.

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