Prague, Czech Republic (3/15)


Prague, also known as Zlata Praha is the capital city of the Czech Republic, is undeniably one of the most charming towns to visit with a mixed architecture of renaissance, gothic and Romanesque designs. Prague attracts travelers with its unique mixture of modern and ancient sites and unique cultural offerings. This city has a maze of narrow cobblestone streets and historical buildings which sees visitors from all around the world all year round. Hidden treasures like rustic restaurants and pubs can be located a few blocks away from the busy tourist center. Prague is known for having some of the best traditional home-brewed beer in the world. Some of the best activities to do while in Prague include; walking through the old town square, which is a favorite spot because of its beautiful architecture, lively atmosphere, and colorful history. Visiting the Prague castle, this is a favored tourist destination, the office of the Czech president and the largest coherent castle in the world. Taking a walk along the Charles Bridge, this connects the old town and lesser town, is lined with 30 saint statues and visitors can get souvenirs while soaking up the beautiful atmosphere.

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