Top Celebrities with pixie hair cuts


6. Pixie Hair Cut Natalie Portman


There will always the reason why someone cut her hair. All of them have their own reason. For Natalie Portman, trying new hair style is a choice. She did it for the sake of her act in the film project. Different with another actress, she got several pixie hair styles. She applied it on her hair. Her hair styles were boyish pixie cuts, shaved pixie, long cut pixie and etc.

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7. Pixie Hair Cut Rihanna


Rihanna is a role model and style icon for black women in all over the world. Like other celebrities, she has done applying another hair style. Since short hair became new hair style in recent years, Rihanna took her part. She applied it on her hair and she looked beautiful. Her latest style and trend came to the pixie cut hairstyle. It made iconic hairstyle for herself and it made her hair looked stylish and sexy.

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8. Pixiey hair cut as a trend

Pixie hair cut has become a trend and several celebrities have it on their hair. After having this kind of hair cut, they felt many things. Most of them felt freedom, cool, stylish and more beautiful. Have you got your new idea of hair style ? Choosing the best style for your own might be not easy. Because you have to fit it on the shape of your face too. Moreover, you always have your own reason to do and apply it on your hair. At least, those several choice of celebrities pixie hair cut will add your ideas to have the new hair style.

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