Top Five Antivirus Software


Let’s face it…with the current technological era; your computerized gadgets are your most precious devices you may have and you need to protect them at all cost from the prawning cyber criminals. The fight against hackers and cyber criminals is intensifying as better internet security measures are being taken to protect you from this plague. As of data derived from the previous years, cyber security has increased significantly making it less safe to use the internet without having to worry about the security of your vital information. However, all hope is not lost. Antivirus companies are developing better ways to protect with newer security technologies. This article is meant to bring you up-close with the companies that have been proven to have the best antivirus technology at the best rates. You may be familiar with some of the antivirus software that has been there for some while such as McAfee, Norton, and AVG but there are some other new entrants who have proven competitive in the industry.

1. Kaspersky Antivirus


This is the beginner and simple expert user antivirus. The ease in which Kaspersky has makes it ideal for someone new to using antivirus software. It is also good for an expert who does not handle a lot of external files and browsing in dangerous sites. Kaspersky features drive-by crypto mining prevention, automatic scans and simplified security management. At only $29.99 for an annual subscription, it is one of the cheapest choices out there.

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2. Norton Antivirus Software


Norton remains one of the best antivirus software of all time. Since its inception, Norton has made significant strides in developing the best software over time creating better versions of their security software. With these sporadic innovations, hackers cannot keep up with the company’s pace. As of 2019, Norton has created a newer version called Norton Antivirus Plus which blocks newer malware in the best manner. Not only does Norton stand out in protection of your computer devices but also, it does not slow down your devices as most of the devices are known to behave. With Norton Antivirus, you can create reliable extensions in any browser and it has low impact on your system resources. The most interesting feature of all is the VPN that allows you to mask your IP address location.

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3. Bitdefender Antivirus


Bitdefender is probably one of the best antivirus software of recent years. It has standout features that not only include safety and privacy tools but also allows you to take up the management of your information. Bitdefender offers rock-solid and reliable protection for your devices with incredible features like VPN, Safepay, privacy tools, remediation and ransomware protection. Not only do you benefit from these features but as an addition, these features work accurately and are flawless. You also get to manage all your passwords at cheap subscriptions. The only major down set of Bitdefender is that it is a windows only application but it is a hope that it will diversify to other operating systems.

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4. Avast antivirus


You have probably heard of Avast before because its popularity precedes it and so is its quality security features. Over the time, Avast has continued to produce one of the best antivirus software updating every feature with new times and circumstances. Not only is Avast a good Antivirus but it also works as a VPN to protect your PC from spying and allow you to browse synonymous. The rates and monthly prices of purchasing an Avast antivirus are very low and the trick to getting the bets rate is to buy a one or three year plan.

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5. Panda Dome Antivirus


Panda Dome Essential is unlimited and is applicable in multiple devices on the same subscription. Moreover, its protection is real time when browsing, cloud monitoring and scanning, URL filtering to block malicious websites, and does USB scanning.

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