Top nursing schools in Florida


Nursing is one of the popular degree options in the United States, which explains why a large number of people are applying for nursing courses in various schools around the country. Some schools have been known to offer quality nursing courses, which translate to easier time finding jobs and also high paying jobs. This article summarizes the top nursing schools in Florida.

1. University of Florida


School Admission Rate: 46%
This is probably one of the best nursing schools in Florida and also around the country as well. Students eligible for in-state will have a hard time not to include the University of Florida on their lists. The facility has one of the most respected Bachelors of Science in Nursing program as well as Ph.D. program and DNP. However, it is important to highlight that students can’t earn their MSN at the University of Florida.

2. Jacksonville University


School Admission Rate: 49%
Besides the cost, Jacksonville University has plenty of options for students. Online RN and BSN degree options are new and refreshing as compared to the traditional BSN programs. This means that students can get a nursing degree while not being an on-campus student. This saves money and time and also gives student opportunities to attend other activities such as part-time employment.

3. Florida State University


School Admission Rate: 58%
If you are looking for an accelerated nursing program, Florida State University should be your choice. Here, Bachelor of Science in nursing programs is completed within a short period as compared to other nursing schools. There is also the MSN Nurse Leadership program, which prepares students to become nurse leaders in the workplace. The MSN Leadership program is nationally ranked.

4. University of Miami


School Admission Rate: 38%
Most of the students will get an opportunity at the University of Miami due to the many nursing specializations offered here. MSN, DNP, and BSN programs are available, unlike in other local nursing schools. The University of Miami prepares students to perform exemplary in their exams with more than 94% of their BNS students passing the NCLEX.

5. University of South Florida


School Admission Rate: 47%
If you are looking to be employed right after graduation, the University of South Florida should be your choice. More than 90% of nurses in this university are employed at graduation. You will also be interested in finding that most of the employed nurses start their careers with above-average salaries.

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