What Are the Top 10 Best Colleges in USA America?


Choosing a college is not only a financial decision but also includes other factors such as employ ability, reputation, and overall performance. It may also affect your salary for years to come. Potential graduate students and their families undergo a difficult and stressing period when looking for the best college. This article summarizes the top 10 colleges in the United States based on recent data to help individuals to make wise decisions.

1. Princeton University


• Location: Princeton, NJ
• Student Enrollment: 8,143
Based in New Jersey, Princeton University is the most affordable college of those in the Ivy League. Most of the students attending this facility get substantial financial aid, especially those from the families earning less than $250,000. This means that more than 83% of the students graduating do so without debt.

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2. Harvard University


• Location: Cambridge, MA
• Student Enrollment: 29,652
If you are yearning for law, business, and political science career, Harvard should be your ultimate choice. As one of the oldest institution of higher learning, Harvard does not only boost credibility in the United States but also around the world. It has an impressive graduation rate of 87% for a four-year program and 97% for a six-year program.

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3. Yale University


• Location: New Haven, CT
• Student Enrollment: 12,385
Yale has one of the most strict and robust selective criteria, which means that you have to meet some very critical requirements to study in this institution. This facility receives more than 30,000 students each year, which is a clear manifestation of its capacity. Yale University boasts of 5 U.S. Presidents, 20 living billionaires, and 19 Supreme Court Justices in the list of alumnus.

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4. Williams College


• Location: Williamstown, MA
• Student Enrolment: 2,171
Williams College was started in 1793 and is one of the oldest colleges around the country. It offers two graduate majors and forty-four undergraduate programs. It is an affordable college, which has consistently been ranked among the top colleges in the country for several years.

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5. California Institute of Technology


• Location: Pasadena, CA
• Student Enrolment: 2,255
Commonly known as CalTech, this institution of technology has some of the most innovative students around the country. They once changed Hollywood sign to read ‘CalTech’. Among notable alumnus include 34 Nobel Prize winners among other influential individuals around the country.

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