What Are the Top 10 Best Colleges in USA America?


6. Stanford University


• Location: Stanford, CA
• Student Enrolment: 16,980
This is one of the most prestigious facilities in the country. Computer science is one of the most popular majors in this college, which is highly related to the fact that the institution is next to Silicon Valley. The average ACT score for this tech-based institute is between 31 and 36.

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7. Massachusetts Institute of Technology


• Location: Cambridge, MA
• Student Enrolment: 11,311
With silver grey and cardinal red as the official school colors, Massachusetts Institute of Technology stands as a world leader in various disciplines such as engineering, biology, economics, physical science and much more. Opened in 1861, the facility has gained positive reviews in recent times after featuring in various innovations.

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8. University of Chicago


• Location: Chicago, IL
• Student Enrolment: 15,391
Margret Thatcher, Carl Sagan, and Roger Ebert are some of the most recognizable names who have graduated from UChicago. This is one of the most culturally-enriched universities around the country. You will meet students from various parts of the world, which is an important aspect of globalization.

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9. University of Notre Dame


• Location: Notre Dame, IN
• Student Enrolment: 12,292
This is one of the most recognized Catholic research universities. It has majored in marketing, accounting, and finance, which means it is one of the Universities giving much attention to business-related courses. More than 80% of the students live within, which is very economical.

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10. Duke University


• Location: Durham, NC
• Student Enrolment: 15,984
Most of the Duke’s nearly 16,000 students are in graduate school. It has 97% first-year retention and a 7: 1 student to faculty ratio. Soccer, football, and Lacrosse are popular sports on campus.

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